A Message for the women in my life.

This is for several of my female friends who are going thorough major changes in regards to their feelings of attractiveness, and lovability.

When you got all kinds of superficial attention based on what you thought you were, do not be surprised when that attention stops, as you become everything you were meant to be.

Like switching from fossil to solar fuels, it may take a minute for you to recognize where you really are, and the new forms of attention now paid you, by far more subtle, deeper, more loving and more accomplished souls.
This is called spiritual maturity. It is a rebirth of the perceptions. As you recreate yourself, your perceptions will usually be the last thing to adjust, and behold the (temporarily) final product of your dream works.

But a simpler analogy would to be this:
Try to get someone who is used to lousy coffee and dunkin’ doughnuts, to enjoy gluten-free, non-sugar, almond-paste cookies with Chia seeds and fresh strawberries, with cold-brewed, fair trade, organic coffee.
You catch my drift?




A DROPOUT FROM THE SCHOOL OF POISON LANGUAGE: Verbal responsibility and poison tongue speaking, Part 1.

More and more, I notice the overwhelming evidence of a strong connection between how people talk, and how well they do in life.

At this point, an adult using sloppy, nasty, negative language, for me, looks like a self indulgent baby playing in their diaper, and is almost always the habit of people who are always in one kind of trouble or another.
And despite their claims, I believe a lot of them are actually happier in that low-performance, low responsibility negativity mode, than they would be if they actually owned their words, and made their lives better, because then they’d have to clean up their act, and their language, Which is not easy. I know. I have to master it every day. Internally especially.

Even in my 50’s, I know a lot of people, including myself at times, who still use toxic and patently negative language on a daily basis, poisoning themselves and people around them, and then wonder why things are not coming up roses. It’s because roses don’t grow in beds of poison. Stop using poison language, and things will change.

I am not suggesting you ignore the negativity that actually exists in the world, what I am saying, is that you, creating a totally negative outlook, and making exchanges subtly, or blatantly toxic for people around you, is not “keeping it real” or “calling it like you see it” or “straight talk”. It’s sabotage. Period.
And don’t even get me started on how dishonest the expression ” just sayin’ ” is.

It’s deceptive, negative, toxic, sabotage-oriented language, and grown people who use it, seem to never be successful, or happy, confident, or even content. They always have a problem for every solution, another drama, another failure, and they always seem surrounded by people who talk like they do, and are just as miserable as they are. And the effect those kinds of words have on children, is absolutely criminal.
The other amazing part of this is a massive denial some adults go into when confronted about this, and the amazing energy they dedicate into justifying it. I mean its really stunning. So much waste.

This is the effect of several generations of programmed self hatred in the working and lower classes, and over 100 years of commercial attacks on the human mind by governments, and corporations as well as religions, and individuals. It has become so much a part of modern culture, that many people consider it natural, which it is most certainly not. Unless you mean natural, as in the way cancer is “natural”.

There are enough challenges in the natural world to contend with, without pre-handicapping yourself because you still have parental, childhood, or self imposed negative failure programming in your head.
Own your words. Own your life. Own your responsibility and your part in every exchange. Check yourself for weapons. Some of them are only used against yourself. It is no less than verbal abuse.
If you don’t, don’t wonder why some people, me included, stay far away, and are ultra cautious around you.
Self love is self preservation. Period.
Words have power. Use them wisely.

“Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruits”. – Proverbs 18:21

“Whatever words we utter should be chosen with care, for people will hear them and be influenced by them for good or evil.” – Siddhartha Gotoma or Buddha (563-483 B.C.)

©P.Infante, 2015



MONEY IS NOT MY GOD: Happiness, bitterness, and a healthy relationship with money

Happiness, bitterness, and a healthy relationship with money.

The cult of wealth worship in this country is emotional prostitution on a nationwide scale, and denial that we are a capitalist country, and the idea that you can survive here with little or no money is a thing taught to the poor to keep them poor.

With little or no balance in the equation a lot of people fall into either the greed or poverty mindset, and sometimes both, as I watch generation after generation fall into a closeted gold digger mindset. Actually looking up to others who have more money than them, as though they were part of a multi-level ponzi scheme pyramid.
They are.
There are many levels of relationships with money, poverty, modesty, success, wealth and disaster among many others. It just seems like people are caught in a dream state or nightmare depending on which one of these states they happen to be in. Its compelling, and sometimes scary.

money worship

Either way, if you worship wealth, don’t be offended when it betrays you. It was designed to do just that.
Money was only meant to be a tool, not a god. Know the difference.

All that it is. The theater of my perceptions.

Reality? Speak for yourself. I create mine. How about you? what do you like to create? And who dictates it?

My world, is a dimly lit, red and black, velvet-couches-and-pillows theater of reality, fantasy and illusion, being projected by my psyche, onto the screen of perceptions, with my inner pornographers, art directors, producers, and authors, choosing select clips from pleasures, pains and adventures past, present and future. Jasmine Incense lightly wafts through the air, and tears of emotional release are the drink of choice. Occasionally the lights go on for an intermission, and I take notice of when and where I actually am. Occasionally, I invite a lady to attend these affairs, the casting calls and gala event premieres of my life.

My life is an extended, darkly-beautiful/college/art film, on an endless loop, with a minor keyed ambient musical score and special effects provided by fate, sometimes, in the form of you. It is a thing of beauty, love, challenge, adversity, and emotional dragon slaying. I am a human prison break of the emotions.
I am the human appetite come to life.

©Piero Amadeo Infante, 2015.
(Excerpt from my dating profile)


Notable: Gender roles, Sapient behaviors, and real-time human roleplaying. Is this really us?

We are at an evolutionary curve that requires, and also offers us the chance, for the dismantling of sanitized and lionized female and male stereotypes that no longer fit the human spirit, or function. They trap us into actions that neither serve our spirits, or our communities, and poison us against ourselves and others.

For example: The faultless hero/interfering rescuer/absolute warrior (Often used by soldiers, cops, fighters, politicians, dads, bullies, cruel misogynists and drama addicts to justify less than noble behavior)

And the lolita/princess/waif/model/lost little girl/untouched virgin/suffering martyr, (Often used by political matriarchs, suffering wives, family martyrs, drama addicts, and vengeful misandrists to justify less than noble behavior)

These are simple roles found and written in the controlling religions of Judeo-Christian western society, and enforced on the minds of children from a very early age. This is the poison conditioning of the human species.

They reflect a false sense that “virtue” means “chastity” and “purity” and that “heroism” endows one with “virtue” and absolves one from responsibility for violent or unethical actions, and that identifying with a predetermined role, gives you a pass on all sorts of toxic, and destructive behavior.

This is a very dehumanizing idea to me, as it takes away from us, the very thing that makes us human. Our changing state. Our inner turmoil, our conflicted nature, and most of all, our dark side. (Yes. you. You have one)

To admit you are human, and that like all humans you possess a shadow, and that as a human you are sometimes prone towards violence, (either creating, condoning, or ignoring), angers, fears, irrational actions, and being wrathful, that, is a much more honest place to begin work on the human condition.

Wrapping dangerous behaviors up in heroic or helpless archetypal roles, including gender roles is anti-evolutionary, and anti-human, but most of all, philosophically dishonest on an evolutionary scale.

There is no honest work, without an honest appraisal, and an honest assessment of what needs to be worked on.

Who are you really? Do you even know?

©Piero Amadeo Infante, 2015


Spiritual warfare 101: You are living oral tradition.

Spiritual warfare 101: You are living oral tradition.

Why you should remember what people say to you:

It is a regular practice for me now, to go back over all the years, and remember things that people said, and use their wisdom as a library of advice, advice that in many cases I was not ready to understand back then.

Some of it sounded critical, (some of it was) some just passing commentary, some funny, and some serious.
I didn’t always get it. But now, it is all highly valuable and functional survival and success information I perpetually use.

The passing of years has not decreased, but increased its value, as I now have expert advice on nearly every subject imaginable, and use it on a daily basis.



Spiritual warfare 101: Bulletproof attitude adjustment for the slings and arrows of outrageous Fortune

You and I not beholden to rises and falls in money, popularity, relevancy, peer pressure, or evaluation in our businesses, lives, romances, looks, or projects.

Simply decide what you want and then unflinchingly, unapologetically, and relentlessly, enforce your soul and your will upon the world’s psyche.
Do anything less, and you will receive everything less.

“When they ask, why we, the faithful, keep our swords so close,
Say: “Those of us who pray to angels also clash with ghosts”

©Piero Amadeo Infante, 2015.

Print by Master Tsukioka Yoshitoshi, 1864,
“The Death action of Musashi Gorô Sadayo”



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