All that it is. The theater of my perceptions.

Reality? Speak for yourself. I create mine. How about you? what do you like to create? And who dictates it?

My world, is a dimly lit, red and black, velvet-couches-and-pillows theater of reality, fantasy and illusion, being projected by my psyche, onto the screen of perceptions, with my inner pornographers, art directors, producers, and authors, choosing select clips from pleasures, pains and adventures past, present and future. Jasmine Incense lightly wafts through the air, and tears of emotional release are the drink of choice. Occasionally the lights go on for an intermission, and I take notice of when and where I actually am. Occasionally, I invite a lady to attend these affairs, the casting calls and gala event premieres of my life.

My life is an extended, darkly-beautiful/college/art film, on an endless loop, with a minor keyed ambient musical score and special effects provided by fate, sometimes, in the form of you. It is a thing of beauty, love, challenge, adversity, and emotional dragon slaying. I am a human prison break of the emotions.
I am the human appetite come to life.

©Piero Amadeo Infante, 2015.
(Excerpt from my dating profile)


Notable: Gender roles, Sapient behaviors, and real-time human roleplaying. Is this really us?

We are at an evolutionary curve that requires, and also offers us the chance, for the dismantling of sanitized and lionized female and male stereotypes that no longer fit the human spirit, or function. They trap us into actions that neither serve our spirits, or our communities, and poison us against ourselves and others.

For example: The faultless hero/interfering rescuer/absolute warrior (Often used by soldiers, cops, fighters, politicians, dads, bullies, cruel misogynists and drama addicts to justify less than noble behavior)

And the lolita/princess/waif/model/lost little girl/untouched virgin/suffering martyr, (Often used by political matriarchs, suffering wives, family martyrs, drama addicts, and vengeful misandrists to justify less than noble behavior)

These are simple roles found and written in the controlling religions of Judeo-Christian western society, and enforced on the minds of children from a very early age. This is the poison conditioning of the human species.

They reflect a false sense that “virtue” means “chastity” and “purity” and that “heroism” endows one with “virtue” and absolves one from responsibility for violent or unethical actions, and that identifying with a predetermined role, gives you a pass on all sorts of toxic, and destructive behavior.

This is a very dehumanizing idea to me, as it takes away from us, the very thing that makes us human. Our changing state. Our inner turmoil, our conflicted nature, and most of all, our dark side. (Yes. you. You have one)

To admit you are human, and that like all humans you possess a shadow, and that as a human you are sometimes prone towards violence, (either creating, condoning, or ignoring), angers, fears, irrational actions, and being wrathful, that, is a much more honest place to begin work on the human condition.

Wrapping dangerous behaviors up in heroic or helpless archetypal roles, including gender roles is anti-evolutionary, and anti-human, but most of all, philosophically dishonest on an evolutionary scale.

There is no honest work, without an honest appraisal, and an honest assessment of what needs to be worked on.

Who are you really? Do you even know?

©Piero Amadeo Infante, 2015


Spiritual warfare 101: You are living oral tradition.

Spiritual warfare 101: You are living oral tradition.

Why you should remember what people say to you:

It is a regular practice for me now, to go back over all the years, and remember things that people said, and use their wisdom as a library of advice, advice that in many cases I was not ready to understand back then.

Some of it sounded critical, (some of it was) some just passing commentary, some funny, and some serious.
I didn’t always get it. But now, it is all highly valuable and functional survival and success information I perpetually use.

The passing of years has not decreased, but increased its value, as I now have expert advice on nearly every subject imaginable, and use it on a daily basis.



Spiritual warfare 101: Bulletproof attitude adjustment for the slings and arrows of outrageous Fortune

You and I not beholden to rises and falls in money, popularity, relevancy, peer pressure, or evaluation in our businesses, lives, romances, looks, or projects.

Simply decide what you want and then unflinchingly, unapologetically, and relentlessly, enforce your soul and your will upon the world’s psyche.
Do anything less, and you will receive everything less.

“When they ask, why we, the faithful, keep our swords so close,
Say: “Those of us who pray to angels also clash with ghosts”

©Piero Amadeo Infante, 2015.

Print by Master Tsukioka Yoshitoshi, 1864,
“The Death action of Musashi Gorô Sadayo”


3: The graceful and painful departure.

It’s been about two years since I walked away from someone I care about greatly. I had known her for decades, and always wondered about her, and her place in my life. At the time of my departure, I sensed she took everything in my life, my shadows, and my personal battles really personally herself, and she also misinterpreted a lot of things about me and my actions.  It just wasn’t the right time.

I love her a lot, and I was in love with her then, and I felt like leaving her was the safest and most honorable thing to do, and I’d do it again.  If you came to know that you, just being you, would hurt someone, would you stay?

She also had an enormous amount of things going on in her life, that directly related to how she felt about me, and I think who we were, was just beginning to hurt one another. But the time with her was more than magical. Getting my heart free was the strongest thing I have ever done. Ironically, her name in Farsi, is the same name of the prison town in Iran, and she definitely had the power to make me want to surrender my heart, but neither of us were ready.

It hurt, it left a scar, a lingering pain, an empty feeling, strangely, it was the right thing to do.

I woke up this morning, missing her terribly, and crying into my tea, an feeling like someone had excavated my heart from my chest, and I just let it wash over me, and went for a walk and took a nap. I am like that, commanding my emotions for fear of getting hurt or doing damage, sealing them in stone, and setting sail in the opposite direction. Mutiny of the heart, you could call it.
I am astounded at how much discipline and self control it took to walk away, and how deep I buried it. I am burning a candle and hoping that she is happy today with someone who loves her, and cares for her.
I am glad that there is still the grace between us, un-destroyed, intact, and a lesson to us both.


4:30 AM: Navigation

4:30 AM
Sometimes I can’t sleep

Sometimes imbalance plagues me, and not just the visible, easily accessible often presented, cookie cutter heroic causes everyone must have at least one of to be considered a traveler, nor the ponderous mental excesses, but the uglier and more exquisite and more grievous, and intense, razor-close things.

My sheets and covers become a sea, an ocean of loss, and a great squall of wandering, windswept navigation on the edge of a tiny world I navigate from my bed. They are my sail, and my quarters. The current will take me all places at once, and no place several different times. There are fires burning far away. This is my personal warfare with a sense of position I have never really had.
I see it in the sky and on the horizon. I see them all.

The things we rob of ourselves, the greatness we deny, the deepness we avoid, the destiny we collectively ignore. The discomfort with the dirt, and fire, and mud, and heat, and come, and sweat and lust of the lower world that creates all this, the inherent violence of nature, the incessant desire to paint it over with false nobility and beauty, the blood, and mess, and storm that are the rise and fall of us, the conflicted natures, and subverted personalities, and the lies.

All the lies we are told to hold dear, the ones we create, the ones we are taught and the ones, we run to out of a fear of admitting that this, is all dark beautiful uncontrollable chaos, and none of us will be here long, and how I see myself as a human corridor spanning generations with multiple shadows of myself throughout time, one after the other like a long row of human dominoes, waiting to happen in both directions past and future, and how reality and time stretch me across the universe like a tight string on a fine instrument and that, is why I resonate, and why I make this sound, and why I feel so much. I pull my pillow like a sail, and try to rest my head on the unsettled water of my emotions, and all of this while feeling strangely content about the journey, and for an outcome I don’t even know about yet.

One thing is for certain. It will be an outcome. I’m ready.

Sometimes I can’t sleep.

©Piero Amadeo Infante, 2014.


Like a thief in the night: The rise of the far right’s racist control over the music industry.

Like  a thief in the night:

Corruption, commerce, and the Bay Area Music scene. By Piero Amadeo Infante

(Note and disclaimer: this article is intended solely to educate the public about the growing threat to free speech, and free living, on the part of the far-right fundamentalist Christian community, mostly in Texas. It is not in any way intended to portray all Christians as zealots, nor right wing political activists.)


The Christian right has for over 50 years attacked music, free speech, hippies, counter-culture, black music, Latinos, people of color, interracial relationships, and gay marriage. They have taken on anything they thought smacked of “liberalism,” a word they have spent billions vilifying in the public mind. Historically, these are some of the same people who supported Ronald Regan when he said, “Let there be a bloodbath,” when referring to leftist protests for equality and an end the war in Vietnam in the late ’60s. They have done everything in the past 50 years make life a living hell for all freedom-loving people in general, and for liberals in particular. They have robbed the poor, using taxpayer money to make themselves and their friends in the military industrial complex very wealthy.

They have criminalized drugs while they used the military to import them, pulling money out of schools, and building more prisons, and often while presiding over alcohol, tobacco, and fast food industries, when they at the same time were major shareholders in companies providing cures for the cancers and other diseases created by these industries. All in all, the conservative elite in this country have proven themselves to be the enemy of free artistic expression at all costs. And our little Northern California leftist protest culture has irked them for decades.

These are the some same people who tried to keep the vote from the people of Selma, and all across the south during the civil rights movement, the culture who tried to stop blacks and citizen farm workers from getting the vote, the same people who try every year to make “creationism” and “intelligent design” more important than science, and who have tried, unendingly, to overturn Roe vs. Wade.

For lovers of peace, freedom, and democracy, they are the enemy.

Well, they’re back again. And now they have a dangerous new strategy to silence artists, musicians, and culture rebels while making themselves even wealthier off of our ignorance. The new strategy is this: “If you can’t beat them, buy them.”

Because they now control the American popular music market and have some very special plans for those of us who make a living from—and express ourselves politically and socially through—the music business.

Allow me to explain.

As a musician and writer, I have in my lifetime had reason to be proud to come from here. The SF Bay Area. Oakland. Street music. Resistance music. Tower of Power, the psychedelic movement, Country Joe, Taj Mahal, Janis, places like the Avalon, Winterland, the Keystone, and the Fillmore.

The Fillmore, built in 1912, actually started as a place called “the majestic academy of dancing” a ballroom type of affair where the well-clad would come to do the latest variation of the foxtrot, or waltz, and would later go on to be a roller rink, and a blues showcase.

A spacious and long hall, with an upper balcony on one side, somewhat ritzy with a great set of chandeliers, and hardwood floor, the Fillmore would come to be the desired place to play for my generation of musicians. It always seemed to sound great, and the food wasn’t bad either.

But the incarnation of the Fillmore as the epicenter of counter culture, and the new left, as well as the aspirations of an entire generation of hippies, revolutionaries, free thinkers, and artists all over the world, wouldn’t happen until 1965, when impresario Bill Graham met with an artist named Paul Olsen. Their initial meetings were called “The Artist’s Liberation Front” Olsen had a poster company called Funky Features that would go on to make some of the most memorable and iconic art associated with SF’s new musical scene in the ’60s and early ’70s.

So, imagine my surprise in discovering suddenly, after calling a friend who once worked there, that the Fillmore now belonged to a company called Live Nation, and that they didn’t really book any local acts anymore, and that they were headed by a corporate division out of Los Angeles (Beverly Hills, to be exact), and run by a man named Michael Rapino.

To understand just who Live Nation is, you have to know a little history about the music business. Live Nation is a live event promotion company, formed in 2005, as a spin-off of a much larger company. In 2005, Live Nation promoted or produced over 28,500 events, including music concerts, theatrical shows, specialized motor sports and other events, with total attendance exceeding 61 million people. Live Nation owned or operated 117 venues, consisting of 75 US and 42 international venues. These venues include 39 amphitheaters, 58 theaters, 14 clubs, four arenas and two festival sites. In addition, through equity, booking or similar arrangements, Live Nation has the right to book events at 33 additional venues.

Live nation was created as a separate entity, by this larger company, to offset some of the legal and anti-monopoly cases clear channel began to field, after FCC chairman Michael Powell, son of General Colin Powell, deregulated anti-monopoly laws in 2003, allowing for conglomerate companies to own as many companies as they could buy. The Federal Communications Deregulation Act, while put up as an instrument to protect free access to the media by the common person, was actually part of an ongoing strategy by the right to consolidate as much of the mainstream media as they possibly could.

This trend began when Bill Clinton first signed into effect the Telecommunications Act of 1996. The deregulation in 2003 put nearly complete control of mainstream radio in the United States, into the hands of one company. That one company was headed by three families, and those families have quite a history in US politics.

The name of that company is Clear Channel Communications. And the family in the driver’s seat is the Mays family, headed by Lowry Mays, a far-right Christian fundamentalist out of Texas.

A massive donor to right-wing republican conservative causes, Lowry Mays attended the A&M College of Texas and later earned an MBA from Harvard, and is a former Air Force Officer, from Harris County Texas. He Founded Clear Channel in 1972, buying a single radio station in Texas for $175k. He purchased it with his partner Red McCombs, another heavy hitter, donor, investor, and supporter of right wing Christian causes.

Along with Clear Channel’s “consolidation” came a lot of controversy. The Dixie Chicks were practically banned from all Clear Channel stations after their lead singer, Natalie Maines, said publicly that she was ashamed that George W. Bush was from her home state of Texas. Bad girl. Suddenly country’s number one act was pulled from country radio, despite the fact that they were then riding on the crest of a multi-million selling CD, and were the forward charge of the “new country” musical movement.

After September 11, a program director at the chain suggested that other songs, including Paul Simon’s “Bridge Over Troubled Water” and the John Lennon anthem “Imagine,” not be played. And they practically vanished from the airwaves. Radio shock jock Howard Stern had several memorable clashes with Michael Powell in the press, and once on air, insinuated that his father had gotten him the job. (As a then-loyal Bush crony, you can be assured that he most certainly did, as Michael Powell had no broadcast experience whatsoever before Bush appointed him head of the FCC) The FCC’s response was to fine him like crazy for each and any infraction of “decency” and language, and to make the operations of his radio show on broadcast radio nearly impossible. Stern eventually partnered with Sirius satellite radio, acquiring two stations as a result of these clashes, and remains to this day the most visible and vocal critic of Clear Channel and right wing media control.

These were in essence, both unprecedented examples of politically motivated full-scale American radio power plays, by a group of far-right-wing Christian fundamentalists, with deep roots in Texas oil, the Skull and Bones, and the Council for National Policy, a secretive and powerful right-wing think tank and activist group with roots in the extremist Christian reconstructionist movement, started by Rousas John Rushdoony. While Clear Channel was sold to Bain Capital, the Mays family still sits on the board, with Lowry Mays and his sons running the day to day operations.

It gets even deeper here, as the then- CEO of Bain capital was none other than former Massachusetts governor, Mitt Romney. Romney, a Mormon, was also a candidate for the Republican nomination in the 2008 United States presidential election, and recently spoke at a gathering held by the Council for National Policy at their private function held in Salt Lake City. As of February 2007, the organization was planning involvement in the 2008 presidential election campaign, and actively looking for a candidate to represent their views. U.S. Vice President Dick Cheney and Romney spoke at a four day conference they held in Salt Lake City during the last week of September 2007. The Council for National Policy scheduled a conference in late October 2007.
(Recent allegations that Bain capital was founded with money from death squads, are under investigation by international courts.

I wanted to think that this was an isolated event in the Bay Area, that the ideological arch enemy of the left, the enemy of free speech, gay marriage, people of color, and the anti war movement, the Christian activist republican billionaire right, the same people who authored Prop 8, the political supporters and architects of the Iraq war, that those people, owning and controlling local radio and venues was an impossibility. Right? I mean, this was Oakland, Berkeley, the Castro, the Mission—some of the most famous activist neighborhoods in Northern California. I mean did the whole state just go to sleep while this was happening?

What I am saying here, is that Mitt Romney and some crazy Fundamentalists from Texas owning the Fillmore had to be an isolated event, right?

The Christian far right owning the birthplace of psychedelic music, ’60s anti-war resistance, hippie culture, interracial marriage, and marijuana law reforms, a place that started out as the home of the “Artist’s Liberation Front,” was nothing less than a full-scale shock for me. As a musician, a local concertgoer, a sometimes writer, and a lifelong resident of the Bay Area, I had been looking forward to playing there again.

The end of an era. The end of a dream. I didn’t want to stop believing in our ability to sing, write, and perform as a form of resistance against racists, homophobes, fascists, and far-right-wing fundamentalists who wanted to control the country using their radical interpretation of the Bible. I was getting a hard and brutal education in American financial and religious politics.

My naiveté was even more dashed when I discovered who their main competition in the Bay Area and concert promotion was, and what they controlled.

The offices of Goldenvoice lie somewhere near the War Memorial Opera House in San Francisco. Their actual addresses, like many things about their company, are something of a secret.

Goldenvoice was founded in the ’80s by Gary Tovar, who signed over control of Goldenvoice to partners, Paul Tollett and Rick Van Santen, in 1991, after Tovar was arrested on drug distribution charges. Originally conceived as a way for punk music to find bigger audiences, In the ’80s, when punk was regarded as a violent subculture by the mainstream media, and received as much negative media attention as hip-hop and rap did in the late 1990s.

The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Nirvana, Social Distortion, and Jane’s Addiction, as well as hundreds of popular alternative, hardcore and punk bands, all owe their beginning popularity in California to the upstart company whose co-founder Rick Van Santen died in 2004.

Goldenvoice was regarded as the jewel of indie promotion companies in California. Large-scale, non-corporate, edgy pop music and hard rock acts finally had venues to play at all up and down the California coast, and locals in most of their cities couldn’t have been happier. They quickly developed a reputation as a hands-on, personal company, with fair business practices, and Van Santen to this day, is thought of as a saint among California promoters.

Goldenvoice had a serious struggle on their hands, competing against much larger nationally known and more powerful concert promotion companies, with deep pockets, and large scale concert tours and sponsors. Their biggest victory was starting the now-annual Coachella Festival in 1999. Coachella has since become one of the biggest annual concerts in the United States, featuring Radiohead, Madonna, and other globally popular, platinum-selling artists, as well as hundreds of up and comers.

And out came the wolves:

The wolf in this case, was the radical, far-right, Christian theocratic billionaire Philip Frederick Anschutz. Anschutz is an American businessman and supporter of conservative Christian causes. With an estimated current net worth of $7.8 billion, (at the time of this article), he is ranked by Forbes as the 31st richest person in the USA.

Inexplicably, Tollett and Van Santen sold Goldenvoice to the Anschutz Entertainment Group in 2001 for a measly $7 million and continued to run the firm from within the corporation.

A quick list of Anschutz’s personal friends and social circle reads like a Who’s Who of radical Christian theocracy. While being on the board American Petroleum Institute Board of Directors, he is also a donor, sponsor, board member, and investor for Americans for Truth in Politics, the America’s Foundation, the Discovery Institute, and many other conservative policy organizations, and has been a major donor in every important republican campaign in the United States in the last 20 years. Goldenvoice also recently had themselves removed from Wikipedia, and try to distance themselves publicly from their parent company, Anschutz’s holding company, AEG (Anschutz Entertainment Group).

The fact that a man like this would come to own the Coachella musical festival, and that no one would be the wiser, or even care enough to so much as utter a word about it, is one of the worst signs for the future of music the industry has seen, since the initial rounds of deregulation in the ’90s

During the writing and research of this article, I had many occasions when I uncovered things such as connections, affiliations, buyouts, sellouts, and back-room deals, and would get profoundly depressed at how gigantic it was. I got depressed over the fact that they appear to have won. If they indeed have, that is a victory for the gay-hating, racist, Armageddon-loving, Christian right.

They had pulled it off. The conservative right had just taken over all the major live concert venues. They had taken nearly complete control of the airwaves, nearly all the billboards, and were essentially now holding the future of American pop music culture in their crafty hands, and an entire generation of musicians never saw it coming.

I marveled at what it meant for me and future generations of artists, fans, industry people, and activists. Millions of us who love music, and new music in particular, have already, for years now decried the stupid, pop-slush, teen beat, boy-band, lip synching, garbage being constantly promoted to us on radio and TV. Corporate “consolidation” has assisted the right in totally closing down activist-aware hip hop in favor of commercial “bling” rap, and replaced political resistance rock with American Idol. This corporate consolidation has reduced Latin music to stereotypes.

Now concerts are going to start to suck too, and anyone having a strong political bent towards the left, or a real love of black and Latino culture,  will soon find themselves not on the lineup, and what does it matter if they are anyway. Their ideological arch enemy will make more money off of them than they will make anyway, so what the hell.

Men running television and movies like Sumner Redstone, and Rupert Murdoch, while both being in their ’80s crave the shares of the youth market and always hide their own faces, and promote the faces of glowing youth of color in their commercials and ads. They do this while they destroy any chance for that those youth will have an actual chance to express themselves artistically.

They love younger and more naïve artists for one reason: they are easier to control, have less political awareness. Political opinion is a dangerous thing to have with these people owning the store. Once you know the statistics on who owns what, it makes the cry of so-called “liberal media bias” (a concept thought up in one of their think tanks, using your entertainment money) something only a complete idiot could believe in.

I was most amazed by the fact that the Lesbian/Gay/Bisexual/Transgender community in San Francisco somehow was in the dark about this, or worse, didn’t see its importance. How is it that these venues are allowed to operate without a massive, city-wide boycott?

I have also been dismayed at a normally reactive, responsive community of people of color, Latino, Black, and Asian and indigenous peoples, in Oakland in particular, and the bay area in general, for the total lack of a unified response to this local media takeover, by people from Texas, who have traditionally hated all people of color.

All the money made by Clear Channel and Goldenvoice, in terms of profits for their owners, goes directly into the war chests of the far right, and their massive, big-budget think tanks, and “policy councils” that attack American civil liberties in the media, federal courts, and from boardrooms of major corporations on a constant basis. The thought of doing a benefit against Prop 8—or for any socially progressive cause for that matter—at the Warfield, Fillmore, or the Shoreline Amphitheater is positively mind-boggling, since the people who own those venues are the people who wrote and sponsored Prop 8 in the first place. How will the LGBT community respond? Stay tuned. What are Clear Channel and Goldenvoice up to? More of the same. How will it affect us all here, if we don’t make ourselves aware of how we spend our time and money and with whom?

Vote with your wallets, and with your time. The enemy is here. They own San Francisco Bay Area mainstream media, and they’re just getting started.

The following is a list of venues and businesses owned by both Clear Channel and Goldenvoice. If you support them, you support Prop 8. You support the end of free market competition, the demise of free speech, and the destruction of real musical and artistic culture in California, which means, the world. Don’t take my word for it. Do the research. And stay aware.



Clear Channel and GOLDENVOICE venues and radio stations in the Bay Area include:

( NOTE this list has not been updated from 2009, and both these corporations have acquired many more properties since then)

The Fillmore

Shoreline Amphitheatre at Mountain View

Punch Line Comedy Club – San Francisco

Sleep Train Pavilion

Punch Line Comedy Club – Sacramento

Sleep Train Amphitheatre

Cobb’s Comedy Club

Oracle Arena

Nob Hill Masonic Center

HP Pavilion

San Francisco Opera House

San Francisco Jazz Festival

The Concourse at San Francisco Design Center

Candlestick Park

Bill Graham Civic Auditorium

Golden Gate Theatre

Maritime Hall

Nob Hill Masonic Center

War Memorial Performing Arts Center

War Memorial Opera House

Grand Regency Center

The Warfield

San Jose State Event Center Arena


Wild 94.9 (urban contemporary)

KSJO 92.3 (spanish)

Star 101.3. (pop and rock)

KISS FM 98.1 (classic soul & R&B

KKSF 103.7 (smmoth jazz)

KMEL 106.1 (Urban and Hip hop/Rap)


research links


When you get there click on ” L. Lowry Mays”






Clear Channel – Live Nation 1

Clear channel live nation 2

Clear Channel Live Nation overview



Warfield-goldenvoice AEG 1

Warfield- Goldenvoice AEG 2

Warfield- Goldenvoice AEG 3

Warfield- Goldenvoice AEG 4



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