Another lengthy conversation last night led to me stating again, my position on why humility must precede instruction in all matters.

I don’t participate in too much “spirit rock” elite McBuddhism, or other Marin flavored pastimes. (Not that I don’t like Marin. it’s beautiful and a lot of the people are nice) I love visiting spiritual retreats on occasion, and appreciate all forms of spiritual discipline and study. But I have strong ideas about what that means, after watching it’s failure’s and victories in the world since I was 4. (yes. I have been keeping records that long)

I have absolutely no interest in “Enlightenment” as it is currently being labeled and sold. And I am not interested in your “white light”, “High vibrating energy” or other vastly commercial manifestations of capitalist spirituality set fourth by a populace of “Enlightenment seekers'” (Read beauty-obsessed, well-to-do usually upper middle class white people, and their friends) who are so afraid of their own dark side, that they have turned their very lives in to an over-lit antiseptic cleanroom for the celebration of single culture self obsession, and Dionysian excesses at the expense of working class people, and cultures of color.

Not to mention their own Cultures, which originally came from the earth and are a part of indigenous European history.
It’s not spirituality, but glamorous beauty fantasy theater.
And tickets are very expensive and not often offered to the working class.

I enjoy high vibrations, but I also know that the “dark side” (check the language?” that so many run from, often scares them because of their race and class, and they are afraid of the people who engage in it, (often simply called “struggling with life”) the working people who are the pillars of the earth, the base energy, the dust, grit, sweat, mud, blood, fire and shadows, that comprise the foundation of all energy, and also sometimes the chaos from which all beauty is born.

I have no obsessive need to control it, (Other than cleaning my room occasionally, and watching my mouth) label it, look down on it, or act in a spiritually racist, or classicist manner about it, which is sometimes I am seeing more and more of, as rich people appropriate, purchase, and consume spiritual cultures they come into contact with. This is not only limited to Eastern spiritual practices. There is also this element of people in Ifa, Santeria, West African religions, and many other practices.

And I think these people need to be put on notice.
Real spirituality works on the streets, in Ghettos, with the poor, and even with people who do not entertain the idea often. They are busy struggling with life, and to me, there is no more holy, or sacred spiritual endeavor than that.
You will never escape your shadow, and really have no to be afraid of the shadows of others.

Or to sum it all up in a little tasty soundbite for your memeology class:

“A single working mother of 3 can give more spiritual guidance than 1,000 gurus”

That’s what I said.

©Piero Amadeo Infante. 2015


And who the hell are you, anyway?

Hey, look.

Feel free to define yourself. You don’t have to allow others to do it for you.
You can take a few minutes every day if you want, and re-set your self definition anytime you want!
Today: I am funny – older – dealing with sadness in a healthy way – making changes – wistful – filled with wanderlust – optimistic about the future – I smell heavenly – I am in love with all creations of the feminine – I am prepared for spiritual warfare – I change my conditions, affect my fates, recalibrate my outcomes and accept my destiny – I am content and happy – I am me.


On my watch: The power of the people who loved me. Enforcing and protecting the beautiful world of my creative inner self 101

I may not live in an entirely beauty-filled, equality-based, artistically-sensitive kind and gentle world, but I will relentlessly create, enforce, and protect one within the parameters of my life. Anywhere I lay my head, or live, will be a place of rest, recreation, and reason for as many friends as I can bear, until my last breath.

I will step back from things that poison me, and let them go.

And it’s all OK, because I see time differently now, like looking through one of those infinite frame paintings from the 60’s, I am behind myself, over my own shoulder looking down generationally, and back ancestrally, and through time, knowing this is only the frame I exist in now.

I feel the fatigue of my friends a lot, and I can sense recent tears, (I can actually smell them. is that weird?) emotionally, and see them deal with the negativity of the world, and the sadness that gets dumped in their laps, and the confusion of these times that is poured on their doorstep. Especially the women who deal tirelessly with male folly, and chaos.
But that all becomes obliterated and dissolved with the hug, the good word, the shared meal, the story, the helpful advice, the staunch friendship, and the loving support. This is my battle plan, and my rallying cry.

This is a power in the word I was taught by people who knew, sometimes without knowing themselves that they knew, that only family and relationships have.
Like many of my old friends, My warmth and humor have not abated, but become stronger, as I came to understand what a lifeline they were.
Now I understand that wistful and understanding smile I often got from older men because I now wear it. And my ancestors rejoice in it.

Moddy Perry
Luis Cespedes
Martha Roberts (Cramer)
Chris Petijohn
With love you are remembered.

©Piero Amadeo Infante, 2015.


The price of peace: A global Honesty.

Why there will never be real peace until we see the connections:

Every single person in this country and the world, has to understand, that the cornerstones of all material possessions here, everything we have, the wealth of nations, the commerce, trade, and industry, as well as the culture, language and arts, all have a direct, violent, legally provable, morally indefensible, and historically bloody connection to this one event. Or this series of events, however you care to look at it.

All old money bank accounts, the banks themselves, all big businesses that have been here since slavery, all come from the blood of African slavery and labor. “society” Names like Lippencott, forsyth, Astor, Du Pont, Rockefeller, and Vanderbilt, names that wealth groupies look up to, and try to emulate, to any sensible person are disgusting criminals, still holding stolen property taken during the course of murder and slavery.

And people wonder why there is discontent in the world. Please.

Until justice is found, fought for, struggled in, claimed, championed, and protected by so-called patriotic Americans, there will be no peace, no moral high ground, and there will be a curse upon future generations, as deniers today, hand their children the lit stick of dynamite of denialism of slavery and racism.

It is the worst thing one could possibly to to a child, to involve them in this ongoing crime. Solutions are hard, and nothing comes easy, but it’s only complicated, if you yourself are insulated.
If you are not insulated, it’s simple as hell.
It starts here with overseeing and fixing prisons, schools, jobs, and historically accurate accounting, and reparations.

It’s time for western culture to take it’s foot off the neck of Africa and all her descendants. Period.

Click the link for a devastating breakdown about where all this money and wealth we keep hearing about, actually came from.
The real source of western wealth

©Piero Amadeo Infante, 2015

Humility, knowledge, discipline, and study.

When people only know what they have been exposed to, the idea that they can discover anything, can itself be a limiting belief, or approach, depending on the breadth and depth of their educations, as well as the motives of some of their teachers and professions.

A goldfish in a bowl, will mostly discover what is in that bowl. Regardless of what it might think it can see, (some fish actually possess the ability of cerebral lateralization, the ability to favor certain hemispheres for certain tasks, permitting the ability to multitask) it is limited to actual discovery of only the bowl. Different disciplines can be like that bowl. Religion, science, and philosophy.
I am not grouping them as similar except to say that could arguably all be called “approaches”

Possessing a skill set in one discipline does not insure accurate or clear understanding of subjects outside, and even sometimes inside that subject.

The very word it self, “Discipline” was taken from the Latin to mean “mortification by scourging oneself”, “discipline, physical punishment; teaching; suffering; martyrdom” and order necessary for instruction among others” as well as “order necessary for instruction”.

Humility would be key in all these descriptions.

“What has been written down is not a description of the world at all, but a description of acts of observation made on the world. All our customary scientific terms such as energy, momentum, position, speed, distance, time, etc. — they are terms specifically for the description of observations. It is a misuse of language to try and apply them to a world-in-itself divorced from the action of an observation. It is this misuse of language that leads to problems like that posed by the wave/particle paradox. ”

– Russel Stannard, Nuclear physicist in “Science: A Call for Humility”

My premise here is that intellectual humility, is a pillar upon which actual knowledge is built, which is serendipitous, since real discovery so often humbles the researcher.

Graphic: “Solutio problematis ad geometriam situs pertinentis”


Destroying the narrative. Verbal self defense against PoisonMouth 101

Destroying the narrative. Verbal self defense against PoisonMouth 101.

5 linguistic traps designed to lessen people’s self esteem, hurt their feelings, poison their environment, and sabotage their lives.

Spot them and correct them, and if you have to, tell the people engaging in them to cool it or give them a time out. Oftentimes they are being used by people who feel bad about themselves, and don’t realize the cycle they are trapped in. Anyone has the power to break the narrative, and if it means a little fallout, so be it. It’s better than being trapped in a dishonest relationship with someone committed to being unhappy. I’d like to point out, that the more I surrounded myself with successful people, the less I hear this kind of toxic language. There is a reason for that. Successful people do not use it.

1: “You think you’re something special”

Often used against exceptional people who are special, by people who themselves are often special too, but have been taught to hide in silence, and not to expose their brilliance or intelligence, for fear of being ridiculed.

Response: “I am special. you are too. Do you have a problem with the fact that I consider myself special?”

2: ” Just sayin’ ”

This hipster douche justification, (an insult to feminine products for sure) is now the common excuse for just vomiting up whatever erroneous information, or toxic spill that comes to someones mind. There is no “just”. There is only “sayin”.
And anyone opening their mouth in your presence must be fully responsible for what comes out of it, period.

Response: “Well “just” don’t, then. If you want to say something simply say it and own, it, but don’t pretend like it’s nothing or as though everyone believes it. Its an opinion. Yours. What are YOU “sayin?”

3: “I’ve been Busting my hump”

Often used be people super unhappy with their own work and performance, as a justification to complain and sour the mood of all around them. Note: You don’t have a hump, are not a camel, and if you don’t like your work, then make changes, and if you cannot find other work, at the very least, ask for help rather than use this Ralph Kramden, 1950’s “I hate my poor life” kind of language. It’s toxic, and poisons work environments.
Note: Often used by people who half step, and have poor performance at work.

Response: “No one asked you to bust anything. And if you are unhappy, then let’s talk about how to make things better here for you”

4: “You know what they’re saying about you…”

This is a common poison delivery system from anonymous people, and sometimes also by the person speaking, who refuses to own, or authorize their own words. It is often both dishonest as well as juvenile.

Response: No, I don’t know, I am not psychic, and secondly I don’t know who “they” are and unless “they” wish to have a conversation about what “they” are saying about me, I am hardly interested in you being “their” messenger.
I am far more interested in what you think. What DO you think, by the way?

5: You know what your problem is? you….”

This classic, is a standard mind grenade for a lot of people, and borders on hypnotic suggestion, by assuming that you don’t know what your problems are, but now suddenly know because someone told you, understand what they are.
It is a veiled method of saying “You know what my problem with you is?” But used when courage for frank discussion is lacking.
Often used by people who have no idea what your problems are, people who talk like them, themselves often being one of them.

Response: “Yes. I am quite well aware of my problems, the majority of which you know absolutely nothing about. Do you have something you would like to say drawing from your unqualified opinion about my problems?”


Basically, you know the vibe, and the conversation and the kinds of people that use these kinds of words. There is a lot of dissatisfaction and unhappiness in many workplaces and relationships, and while they don’t have to be all roses and flowers, they also don’t have to be toxic minefields where people talk like competitive 4th graders with bad attitudes who have had too much sugar and watch Beverly hills 90210.

Be adult. Own your words. Make others own theirs. It is simply respect for yourselves and others around you.

©Piero Amadeo Infante, 2015



I was walking in Oakland & Berkeley today. I stopped where there was a small crowd. I was told that 6 people died on that spot. I put my palms on the cement there. it felt strange on the ground there, almost warm, and strangely electric in my arms, and my hands suddenly started getting cramps.

I went across the street, washed my hands, and the cramps went away. I got home and lit a candle for the Young Irish kids who died, who by all accounts never saw it coming.

Does anyone?
I do.
It’s just farther off and dimly lit, but make no mistake. It comes for me. I can feel it. I am almost honored by it. And to the surprise of many of my friends it fills me with relief, and makes me happy.

I remember when I first saw it and understood it, (I had seen it once before but didn’t understand it) a man flying up in the air on 73rd in east Oakland getting hit by a car, coming down with a cracking sound, and spilling blood across an entire lane of traffic, and I wasn’t scared or freaked out, I just knew I had seen someone leave, and that there was nothing I could do about it.
The person with me at the time, said I leaned over the person and whispered some kind of prayer or blessing in their ear. It is something I would normally do, but I do not remember that part of it. (I was 11) Its just the way of a lifelong Muertero. (person spiritually connected with death)

I think about death, and my death, a lot now. I don’t know why. it just seems proper, and reasonable.
I am sure after I am gone, if I am remembered at all, it will be like “what was he?

A bandleader, a singer, a bodyguard, a criminal, a lout, an addict, someone with a hero complex, someone who didn’t really learn honesty until later in life, a street kid, a self centered man, a protector, a violent person, a survivor, a runner, a organizer, a spiritual man, a sex fiend, what? My history is certain to confuse single-calling historians. I only did what I wanted to do, and what I felt compelled to, and to this day, I will not kiss the ring that others do, and some of them are absolutely furious about it, and yet others celebrate it as a symbol of personal resistance in a highly corrupt time.

I only know that as I age, I come to understand I have had a perfect function all my life.

That I have fit pretty perfectly into the history of the time in which I was born. I think everyone does, but few see it, because no one is encouraged to take a historical view of themselves in a fair light. I was compelled to. Even when it was not comfortable, or even known to me. Fate played me perfectly like a joker in a in the world series of contingent history.

I entered and met the days and years, and executed my responsibilities as best I could, and wanted to make peace out of war, order out of chaos, and that I never really could understand the idea of jealousy, or why someone would be jealous of anyone. I more than made up for it with other vices, but still, I always loved being me, and never desired what others had. At least not for long., I tried it a few times, and it never felt right. I became high functioning, educated, and aware, all by choice.

This all required incredible amounts of good humor, and help from others, and I will never say I did anything alone, really, except refuse to be defined by those around me, or what they believed, about me, themselves, or the world in general.

This year, for the first time in my life, I taught myself to keep a perfect room, make a perfect bed, keep a clean kitchen, and what it meant to run a household. I had never had a regular household in my life before, and it has taught me a lot about, myself and others. And I saw others, younger people, suffering from what I had suffered from and was able to speak from authority, and be of help, which made me glad I had suffered the events that made me expert. There was a reason all along.

Everything had a reason. Me, life, these times, people, love, loss, and every single atom, and movement in the earth and the heavens, it all has incredible justification, meaning, and reason for me now. I understand. And I am thankful.

In the end, I am just a thought you had, a memory of something, a word, or a smell, or a hug, or a sound. I came from nothing to meet you here, and I will go back to nothing and meet you again. This makes me happy.

What a great system for recycling spirits.
My peace be upon all the souls of the dead tonight. My thoughts are with you.

Ekua hey, yansa!




All this
The time I deal in
I am the dream unhitched
From the air and gravity
Time stands over me, the Jaguar, over a fawn.
I am possessed, and devoured in her repast.
All this
The time I deal in
I am a shifted dune
The path that cannot be returned to
And all that slopes up to the summer wind in darkness whispering my name in pale moonlight.

I was the candle,
made from the wax,
from which the honey was stolen.

In all this,
The time in which I live
I will remember you.
I will remember you, and your story of courage, and your sad eyes, and the curve of your neck, and your breathing when asleep, perfect, like a metronome.
And how it shattered my heart, but returned my soul intact.

In all this.
This time I deal in

©Piero Amadeo Infante, 2015


A Message for the women in my life.

This is for several of my female friends who are going thorough major changes in regards to their feelings of attractiveness, and lovability.

When you got all kinds of superficial attention based on what you thought you were, do not be surprised when that attention stops, as you become everything you were meant to be.

Like switching from fossil to solar fuels, it may take a minute for you to recognize where you really are, and the new forms of attention now paid you, by far more subtle, deeper, more loving and more accomplished souls.
This is called spiritual maturity. It is a rebirth of the perceptions. As you recreate yourself, your perceptions will usually be the last thing to adjust, and behold the (temporarily) final product of your dream works.

But a simpler analogy would to be this:
Try to get someone who is used to lousy coffee and dunkin’ doughnuts, to enjoy gluten-free, non-sugar, almond-paste cookies with Chia seeds and fresh strawberries, with cold-brewed, fair trade, organic coffee.
You catch my drift?




A DROPOUT FROM THE SCHOOL OF POISON LANGUAGE: Verbal responsibility and poison tongue speaking, Part 1.

More and more, I notice the overwhelming evidence of a strong connection between how people talk, and how well they do in life.

At this point, an adult using sloppy, nasty, negative language, for me, looks like a self indulgent baby playing in their diaper, and is almost always the habit of people who are always in one kind of trouble or another.
And despite their claims, I believe a lot of them are actually happier in that low-performance, low responsibility negativity mode, than they would be if they actually owned their words, and made their lives better, because then they’d have to clean up their act, and their language, Which is not easy. I know. I have to master it every day. Internally especially.

Even in my 50’s, I know a lot of people, including myself at times, who still use toxic and patently negative language on a daily basis, poisoning themselves and people around them, and then wonder why things are not coming up roses. It’s because roses don’t grow in beds of poison. Stop using poison language, and things will change.

I am not suggesting you ignore the negativity that actually exists in the world, what I am saying, is that you, creating a totally negative outlook, and making exchanges subtly, or blatantly toxic for people around you, is not “keeping it real” or “calling it like you see it” or “straight talk”. It’s sabotage. Period.
And don’t even get me started on how dishonest the expression ” just sayin’ ” is.

It’s deceptive, negative, toxic, sabotage-oriented language, and grown people who use it, seem to never be successful, or happy, confident, or even content. They always have a problem for every solution, another drama, another failure, and they always seem surrounded by people who talk like they do, and are just as miserable as they are. And the effect those kinds of words have on children, is absolutely criminal.
The other amazing part of this is a massive denial some adults go into when confronted about this, and the amazing energy they dedicate into justifying it. I mean its really stunning. So much waste.

This is the effect of several generations of programmed self hatred in the working and lower classes, and over 100 years of commercial attacks on the human mind by governments, and corporations as well as religions, and individuals. It has become so much a part of modern culture, that many people consider it natural, which it is most certainly not. Unless you mean natural, as in the way cancer is “natural”.

There are enough challenges in the natural world to contend with, without pre-handicapping yourself because you still have parental, childhood, or self imposed negative failure programming in your head.
Own your words. Own your life. Own your responsibility and your part in every exchange. Check yourself for weapons. Some of them are only used against yourself. It is no less than verbal abuse.
If you don’t, don’t wonder why some people, me included, stay far away, and are ultra cautious around you.
Self love is self preservation. Period.
Words have power. Use them wisely.

“Death and life are in the power of the tongue, and those who love it will eat its fruits”. – Proverbs 18:21

“Whatever words we utter should be chosen with care, for people will hear them and be influenced by them for good or evil.” – Siddhartha Gotoma or Buddha (563-483 B.C.)

©P.Infante, 2015